Productive Board Meetings

A productive board meeting requires a deliberate approach to meeting management that ensures you get the most out of every minute you’ve allocated for your meeting. This means focusing on the topic as well as limiting discussions that go off in the wrong direction, avoiding detours in discussion and reiterating the agenda’s goals when necessary. It is also about having a timekeeper who is clear and keeps the agenda moving and an individual assigned to take notes in detail so that everyone can look them over later.

Distribute the agenda as well as all relevant materials prior to the meeting to allow attendees to prepare. This will help keep your meeting on course and allow you to start the discussion after everyone has a good understanding of the topic.

Reduce the amount of time spent on routine tasks and reports, which tends to delay conversations and cause attendees disengaged and bored. Make sure to focus on important topics and strategic issues that will help the organization grow.

Look for patterns in your regular reports, then turn these into actions that the board can take on during their next meeting. This is an excellent way to encourage your board members to tackle problems, instead of just responding to a report.

Give your board members the opportunity to voice their opinions and opinions during the meeting. This will make them feel appreciated and heard. It may be a catalyst for the development of new ideas that would have otherwise been overlooked.

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