How to Choose the Right Due Diligence Software

Due diligence is an important aspect of any business deal. It’s a process carried out to verify the facts about the business, and helps to ensure the safety of assets or transactions. This process can be extremely time-consuming and expensive if done manually. However with a due diligence software solution, it’s easy to streamline the process and reduce the risk.

The ideal solution will give you tools for visual screening and vetting, as well as monitoring third parties. It should also permit you to keep full audit trails as well as a central platform for all your activities.

HyperComply, a full due-diligence software, allows users to simplify their safe data sharing entire process. It has a dashboard for the vendor and provides many useful features, including document management data analysis, collaboration tools, and more. The solution comes with templates that can be customized to help you get more efficient and accurate results. It is an excellent choice for businesses who want to reduce the risk of data breaches and improve security procedures.

Whistic is another vendor due diligence software that aims to assist organizations speed up the process by automating tedious tasks, and by providing detailed templates for security assessments. Whistic Trust Catalog contains information about the security practices of thousands of vendors. Teams can evaluate vendors without sending questionnaires and waiting for responses. Whistic pricing information is available on request.

Intralinks is another popular due diligence software that offers a wide range of tools to manage the process. Its streamlined communications tools as well as a virtual data room integrated and centralized reporting makes it simple to manage. It also includes tools to monitor project progress, coordinate meetings and facilitate decision-making.

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